Written by 4:59 pm Artur and Marian

E006: Transverse risk management (with perspective on ESG)

Artur and Marian discuss the concepts behind transverse risks including ESG, reputational risk, and others.

Learn how the G(overnance) connects to the E(nvironment) and S(ociety), whether reputational risk can be modeled, and how discussing certain risks can shape the mindset of your company.

Also find out how following the letter of regulations may differ from following the spirit, what Artur would do as a CEO, and how handing the problem to someone else is not the solution (and is definitely not our motto.)

For more info on how corporate purpose, vision, and values guide behaviors, actions, and mindsets, and how they drive ESG strategies and decisions, check out Sustainable Minds: Exploring ESG & Corporate Brand

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