Written by 10:50 am Artur and Marian

E010: Disagreement about Design Thinking

Artur and Marian discuss the principles of Design Thinking, and disagree, almost constructively, about the formulation of the methodology, its usefulness, and its applications.

Find out why understanding a problem is necessary to find a solution (duh!), and why repeating that obvious statement is still necessary.

Learn the 5 stages of design thinking: Empathize, Observe/Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Find out why Artur likes them, and why Marian thinks they may create more problems than they solve.

This is not another video preaching about DT. It’s an honest and unscripted (as always) discussion, trying to dissect the pros and cons, with practical applications in mind.

We also ask listeners to finish the joke “A process guy, a data guy, and a risk guy go into a bar…”

To find out more about Design Thinking, we recommend Dawan Stanford ‘s podcast, the aptly named Design Thinking 101, on Apple Podcasts, especially Episode 32, the introduction to Design Thinking.

For a slightly different perspective on Design Thinking, we recommend Dan Ryder’s book “Intention – critical creativity in the classrom”.

As usual, this episode is available on YouTube.

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