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E021: Explainable and interpretable AI, with Serg Masis

In this episode of “Between Data and Risk” Artur and Marian discuss explainable and interpretable AI, and how to make AI and Machine Learning more applicable and approachable for businesses, especially in regulated environments, where a black-box approach just won’t cut it. Their guest is Serg Masis, Data Scientist in agriculture with a background in entrepreneurship and web/app development, and the author of the book “????????????? ???ℎ??? ???????? ???ℎ ???ℎ??”.

Find out how the technology of AI and Machine Learning algorithms can be applied to business. Discover the methodologies developed to interpret the results of these algorithms and provide justification so often required by stakeholders where decisions are based on data provided by algorithmic black boxes.

You can find out more about Serg, his book, “????????????? ???ℎ??? ???????? ???ℎ ???ℎ??”, and his other speaking and writing ventures at https://www.serg.ai/

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