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E023: Digital Strategy for an analogue business, with Marcus Koehnlein

In this episode of “Between Data and Risk”, Artur and Marian discuss how a digital strategy can and should be applied to a traditional (non-Internet bases) business. Their guest is Marcus Koehnlein, Head of Digital Business at United Grinding Group.

Some people say that if it’s not online, it doesn’t exist, and this is very true for any business today. But just being online is not enough.

A Digital Strategy will unlock the true potential of digital operations, marketing, sales, and customer experience.

Find out what a Digital Strategy is and how it is tied to Digital Transformation. Learn how to develop a Digital Roadmap from the Digital Strategy and how to approach the development of new Business Models from digital transformation.

Also, make sure to check out Marcus’ platform, Quarero AG, connecting talented students to businesses.

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