About us

Hosted by Artur Guja and Dr. Marian Siwiak

Artur Guja, Chief Risk and Strategy Officer, Cognition Shared Solutions LLC

Risk guy. IT person by training and at heart, ex-trader in equity markets, including actively managing risk through 2008 (ended with a positive account), ex-CRO in one of the Tier-1 banks.
Author of a number of articles on business governance, risk, operations, processes, and innovation.

Dr. Marian Siwiak, Chief Data Science Officer, Cognition Shared Solutions LLC

Data guy. Combines scientific background with industrial experience. Ex-Science Director in a private research institute, an ex-data scientist in Fortune 500 companies. Author of the first published peer-reviewed model of COVID-19 global spread, and co-author of the first book on the practical implementation of new data architecture paradigm – “Data Mesh in Action”.

A duo of rather intelligent and curious human beings, STILL trying to find a silver-bullet solution to scalable and efficient business operations.

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