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E009: Consulting CEOs on enterprise architecture – lessons learned with Dr. Tushar Hazra

Featuring, as a guest, Dr. Tushar Hazra, former NASA researcher, entrepreneur, serial CTO, consultant, with whom we discuss building enterprise architectures, listening to clients, and the responsibilities of a consultant.

Find out what CEOs should do if they wake up one day and decide to build an enterprise architecture, how these architectures can be modeled and developed in cooperation with the client, and how information should be disseminated within an organization.

Also find out how mathematicians solve the problem of a house that is NOT burning, why doctors enter the surgery through a different door than the patients, and how enterprise architecture can hide under the umbrella of strategy, innovation, and leadership.

To read more about enterprise architecture, we recommend “What’s Your Baseline?” – ROLAND WOLDT discusses Business Transformations that are guided by Enterprise Architecture / Business Process Management.

Also, check out Real World Enterprise Architecture by Reggie Cole, where he presents his insights into the practice of enterprise architecture in the real world.

As usual, this episode is available on YouTube.

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