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E011: Difference between education and knowledge transfer with Dr. Susan Taffer

Featuring, as a guest, Dr. Susan Taffer, University Professor with Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, business and social entrepreneur, president of the innovative EdTech College for World Connection, and the principal founder of World Connections Foundation.
Together, we discuss the difference between education in academic and business settings, as well as between giving someone access to data and educating them.

Find out what lessons from the education world can be used to improve knowledge transfer in business, how new technologies change the face of education and knowledge transfer, and how education enables better risk perception in business.

Also, we discuss how to learn to actually learn something, instead of just passing exams, how to grow beyond your box, and how individual learning pathways are the key to efficient self-development in the future.

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As usual, this episode is available on YouTube.

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